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Fish Friday

Specially Priced Wine & Cocktail Pairings
from 5:00 - 6:30pm

James at the Mill offers an exciting mix of traditional and contemporary American flavors. Chef Miles James' groundbreaking restaurant offers Ozark Plateau Cuisine that shares the haute couture of Guy Savoy's French bistro cooking, as well as drawing from the Manhattan energy and style of David Burke, tailored to the rhythm of Northwest Arkansas. The restaurant constitutes a seminal work of the renowned architect, James Lambeth, with all of the award-winning flair and style of influences from Rome, Paris, London, and Miami -- striking contemporary design, with tall ceilings, flowing waters, and calming views. Join us at the bar or table, and experience an evening to remember.

Open Mon - Sat: 5:30pm - 10pm | Sun: Closed
Casual attire; no jacket or tie required.
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© 2012, 2013 Chef Miles James
Published On - 4/21/15

Chef Miles James', Tasting Menu

Savor superlative fixed courses
$100 with wine, $75 without
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